Dr. Danielle Knafo is a clinical psychologist and a psychoanalyst. She is a professor in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program at Long Island University's C.W. Post campus. She took her BA in Literature and Psychology and her MA in Clincial Psychology at Tel-Aviv University in Israel. She received her Ph.D. from CUNY and her Psychoanalytic Training from NYU. She has taught at a variety of academic institutions (New School for Social Research, Brooklyn and City Colleges, Adelphi University, Tel-Aviv and Bar-Ilan Universities) as well as postdoctoral (Tel-Aviv University's School for Psychotherapy) and psychoanalytic institutes (Israel Psychoanalytic and Derner). She is currently an Associate Professor and Supervisor at New York University's Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis and Faculty and Supervisor at Derner's Postgraduate Programs in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis.

Dr. Knafo has an expertise in the psychology of art and has lectured and published extensively in that area. Her book, Egon Schiele: A Self in Creation, is a psychoanalytic study of the artist's self-portraits. In Her Own Image: Women's Self-Representation in Twentieth-Century Art explores the work and lives of ten pioneering female rtists. She is also interested in issues related to terrorism and the treatment of trauma, and is the editor of the 28-chapter volume, Living with Terror, Working with Trauma: A Clinician's Handbook. Dr. Knafo has written about psychoanalytic theory and treatment in Unconscious Fantasies and the relational World and in her upcoming volume, Dancing with the Unconscious. (See Books and Publications sections)

Dr. Knafo has over 30 years experience treating diverse patient populations. She has been employed in a number of psychiatric institutions, clinics, and the court system, as well as in private practice. Due to her multicultural background, she has also worked in several different cultural settings emphasizing ethnic and language diversity (she is fluent in four languages). Her interests in culture and gender infuse both her teaching and writing.

Dr. Knafo maintains a private practice in Great Neck, NY and Manhattan. Her area of expertise is psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychotherapy. She also specializes in the treatment of creative individuals, survivors of trauma, immigration and cross-cultural adaptation, gender issues and severe psychopathology. She works with adults and adolescents, individuals, families and couples.

She is a member of the International Psychoanalytic Association, the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research, Adelphi's Society for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, the Israel Psychoanalytic Institute, the Tel-Aviv Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis, New York University's Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, the American Psychological Association, and the Authors Guild.